Classic living dreams!

Interior design examples

Mechanical Bells and Chimes

Mechanical bell pulls, rotary doorbells and mechanical iron pull bells

Rotary Doorbells With Bell

Ideal for flat doors: A small turn of the brass rosette on the outside and the bell on the inside will sound

Wrought Iron Pulling Bells

Handcrafted pull bells for wall mounting with side pull chain

Traditional Wrought Iron and Brass Bell Pulls

Pull handle with linkage or brass recess - connected to the spring bell inside the house via a steel cable

Beautiful doorbells - completely without electricity

Experience the charm of traditional doorbells and mechanical doorbells!

The rotary doorbell - ideal for storey doors. We have revived a little rarity: A simple twist on the outside of the handle is all it takes for the bell on the inside of the door to ring, similar to a classic bicycle bell.

The bell pull - A thoroughly mechanical yet sophisticated doorbell. Pulling on the outside activates the spring bell inside the house and emits its pleasant chime. It is connected to the linkage on the outside or to the pull handle of the trough bell via a stainless steel cable.

Iron pull bells - The pleasure is somewhat more direct with the pull bells. The ringing mechanism and operation are combined here. They are pull bells that ring outside next to the entrance door. In contrast to some other electric door noises, this sound is hardly perceived as disturbing. These rustic pull bells are an enrichment next to any entrance door and produce a pleasant sound that is hardly perceived as disturbing. Manufactured using traditional craftsmanship, they are perfectly adequate both as a means of communication indoors and as a doorbell for smaller houses.