Classic Stoneware Floor Tiles

Extremely robust tiles with numerous decors and different formats

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »CLASSIC« Robuste Bodenfliesen, matt glasiert,  in verschiedenen Formaten und satten Farben

Stoneware Tiles Series »CLASSIC«

Unicoloured tiles in various formats and bright colours

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »RETRO« Großformatige Bodenfliesen in leuchtenden Farben für großzügige Räume und Entrées

Stoneware Tiles Series »RETRO«

Large-format unicoloured tiles in various formats and colours

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »OLD ENGLAND« Stilvolle Bodenfliesen als Achteckfliesen mit Einleger - uni oder mit historischem Dekor

Stoneware Tiles Series »OLD ENGLAND«

Octagonal tiles and inlays - with and without decor in the classic 20 x 20 cm format

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »ARTHAUS« Zwei- und mehrfarbige Ornamentplatten mit floralen und geometrischen Mustern

Stoneware Tiles Series »ARTHAUS«

Two-coloured and multi-coloured ornamental tiles in 20 x 20 cm format

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »MANUFAKTUR« Handgefertigte Platten mit aufwendigen Dekoren in verschiedenen  Formaten

Stoneware Tiles Series »MANUFAKTUR«

Handmade tiles with elaborate decors in various formats

Feinsteinzeugfliesen »SHADES« Buntgemusterte Fliesen mit klassisch floral inspirierten Dekoren im Format 20 x 20 cm

Stoneware Tiles Series »DHADES«

Colourful tiles with classic floral-inspired decors in the 20 x 20 cm format

Knowing what you like

Fine stoneware flooring is probably one of the most robust floor coverings of all.
Fine stoneware is produced in a similar way to porcelain and fired at very high temperatures, which causes the material to sinter. As a result, porcelain stoneware is very hard, abrasion and acid-resistant and can also be used in high-traffic areas such as stairs, corridors or kitchens without any problems.

The tiles are ceramic tempered, which means that they are coated with a matt glaze during the firing process. This seals the surface and makes the tiles completely resistant to soiling.

And: the tiles have virtually no water absorption due to the high firing temperature. They are therefore frost-resistant and can also be used outdoors.

Fine stoneware tiles are usually solid-coloured. The tile has the colour that results from the raw materials used and the addition of pigments to the body.

The range of variants is large and extends from Unicoloured Tiles in many colours, to mouldings such as Skirting and Borders, to hand-made Decor Tiles with multi-coloured patterns.