Stylish Garden Accessories

Fountains, basins, taps, fountain spouts and garden furniture

Wasserhahn Messing und Brunnenauslauf für den Garten Dekorative Außenwasserhähne aus patiniertem Messing und Brunnenausläufe

Brass Fountain Spouts and Garden Taps

Decorative garden taps in brass patinated and fountain spouts

Gartenbank Metall Vintage Altenglische Gartenbänke und zierlich französische Gartensessel und Tische aus patiniertem Eisen

Vintage Garden furniture

Old English garden benches and graceful French garden chairs and tables made of patinated iron

Wandbrunnen und Steinbrunnen Nostalgische Bassenas aus Gusseisen und Wandbrunnen aus patiniertem Naturstein

Stone Fountains and Wall Mounted Basins

Nostalgic cast iron basenas and fountains made from patinated natural stone

Zaunspitzen und Rosetten Gusseisen Klassische Zaunspitzen und dekorative Rosetten als Zaunapplikationen oder Tore

Cast Iron Fence Elements

Classic fence tops and decorative roses

Furnishing the garden traditionally

Whether on the terrace or in the garden - outdoor living is becoming increasingly important. The garden is increasingly becoming a valuable living space and retreat.

Nothing is more soothing than a babbling fountain in the garden. For this beautiful sound, we also have beautiful fountain spouts or lockable brass taps in our range - classically simple or ornately decorated.

With our stone fountains and traditional cast iron wall basins, you can incorporate the beautiful flair of earlier times into your garden design.

Our unusual iron garden furniture may be familiar to you from English park landscapes or French gardens. Whether on a bench or chair, in an armchair or around the garden table - with our garden furniture you can create an inviting atmosphere.