Pendant Luminaires for Indoors

String or rod pendant lights with glass or metal shades

Pendant Luminaires with Glass Shades

Pendant lights with glass globes and glass shades in various shapes

Brass and Zinc Pendant Lamps

Pendant lights with metal shades in various patinations and surface finishes

Large Pendant Lights

Large pendant lights made of polished and patinated metal or with refined stucco ornamentation

Pendant lights - the classics of light

Ceiling pendant lights have been around since the turn of the century before last. The shapes may have changed, but the pendant light in the living area seems to be an everlasting classic.

Pendant lights are often mounted above dining tables or work surfaces. They produce direct light with pinpoint illumination. It is advisable to choose an open glass shade for this purpose. Pendant lights with a closed glass body create soft lighting and are often used to illuminate rooms.

A distinction is made between rod pendant lights and cord pendant lights.
Pendant lights with a rod pendant are suspended from the ceiling on a metal tube of a fixed length. The length of pendant lights with a cord can be adjusted more variably.

The designs of the pendant lights are as varied as the interior design.
We have selected classic tubular pendant lights from the Art Nouveau and Bauhaus periods for you. Our cord pendant lights are less typical of the period and can be used universally.

Pendant lights with chain suspension and metal shades are suitable for a more rustic ambience. They are available in many different surface finishes.

The very large pendant lights made of brass patinated aged steel or with special stucco ornamentation design the air space and are both light source and light object.

All pendant lights, whether made of brass, bronze, iron or steel, are of course supplied with a matching colour canopy for the ceiling cover.