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Replicata Team - Verena Kohlbrenner

Verena Kohlbrenner

Owner and co-founder of Replicata.
She is responsible for everything that is a matter for the boss. In other words, she is responsible for the organisational framework without which even beautiful things cannot reliably reach you.
But she prefers even more to be responsible for the product selection, where old moulds need to be revived. And she enjoys being responsible for the presentation in the online shop and in the print catalogue, which, contrary to all usual business practices, remains a matter close to her heart.

Replicata Team - Florian Langenbeck

Florian Langenbeck

Owner and co-founder of Replicata. He has been dealing in original historical building materials since the end of the last century. Since the early 1990s, his focus has been on historical doors and fittings.
For a long time now, the most beautiful finds have not been sold, but only kept as a template for possible reproduction. Selecting from this extensive collection and providing advice on stylistic and technical issues are his main tasks at Replicata.

Replicata Team - Tanja Kesenheimer

Tanja Kesenheimer

As an architect, she found her way to us in the area of consulting and sales. Her projects are no longer entire houses, but individual customer rooms.
She also takes care of the entire product presentation process: concept, images, sketches, data sheets and much more ...

Replicata Team - Anja Weis

Anja Weis

She has brought many years of experience as an architect in the field of heritage conservation and renovation to Replicata.
Do you have structural defects to remedy on your historic building or do you need special solutions for your building situation? Anja Weis will be happy to support you with the planning to find a stylish solution for you with our products.
Whenever time permits, she works on the documentation of our products with regard to technical issues.

Replicata Team - Micaela Poppe

Micaela Poppe

Our Replicata expert! She has been with us almost from the start and has played a key role in the development of Replicata. She knows all, really all products in depth.
She has been living and working in Hamburg since 2018 and runs the Replicata showroom there, where you can find a large number of our products on display.
So if you live in the north of Germany, you are lucky enough to meet Micaela Poppe in person at our showroom in Hamburg-Winterhude and get advice from her.

Replicata Team - Astrid Ostermann

Astrid Ostermann

For many years she travelled on cruise ships and worked in the hotel industry in customer service. At Replicata, she now has her feet back on the ground.
She is usually the first friendly voice on the phone and is happy to deal with your enquiries personally and professionally.
She also processes your enquiries and orders that arrive by email. She is responsible for sending out samples and takes on all tasks that fall under the heading of "Management Assistant".

Replicata Team - Jutta Kurscheidt

Jutta Kurscheidt

As a trained stonemason, she has learnt one thing for sure: how to get things done. And anyone who knows how to move large masses with care also has a talent for packing fragile goods. Whether heavy components need to be prepared for shipping or small items need to leave the building, everything passes through her hands first.
And nobody knows the warehouse better than she does, because warehouse management is "Jutta's" job. In a nutshell: without her, we wouldn't move much!

Replicata Team - Dimitri Dekanoidze

Dimitri Dekanoidze

Goods in - goods out. And a whole lot of work in between: loading and unloading lorries, checking incoming goods, storing and retrieving goods, picking customer orders - Dimitri has everything under control with ease.
And he is our specialist for packaging of all kinds: Dimitri finds a solution for anything that doesn't fit easily into a box or on a pallet. His "elegant suitcases" with bright warning motifs on the outside and fragile glass panes on the inside are almost legendary.

Replicata Team - Sebastian Tesch

Sebastian Tesch

Our man in the background! He is an art historian by training and his expertise on stylistic issues is always very valuable to us.
But as life goes - he has now become the expert for all IT matters in our company. He is responsible for the interaction between the ERP system and web shop, warehouse logistics and all media technology tasks in general. He is our internal technical problem solver, so to speak. Simply indispensable these days!

Replicata Team - Christian Rombach

Christian Rombach

Trained carpenter and gifted technical improvisation artist - whenever there is a technical problem, the in-house solution is usually "Christian". This often comes in handy when square pins need to be shortened, screws adjusted or something simply needs to be straightened with expertise.
As a rule, however, he processes returns, technical complaints and takes on accounting tasks, as he also has a commercial qualification.