Light Switches in Retro Design

Porcelain, Bakelite and Duroplast switches and sockets - for traditional surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation

Retro Lichtschalter und Steckdosen zur Aufputzmontage Nostalgische Drehschalter und Kippschalter aus schwarzem Bakelit, aus weißem Duroplast und hochglänzendem Porzellan

Retro Light Switches and Sockets for Surface mounting

Nostalgic rotary switches and toggle switches made of black bakelite, white duroplast and high-gloss porcelain

Retro Lichtschalter und Steckdosen zur Unterputzmontage Traditionelle Drehschalter und Kippschalter aus Porzellan, Bakelit und Messing in altem Design und mit moderner Technik

Retro Light Switches and Sockets for flush-mounted installation

Traditional rotary switches and toggle switches made of porcelain, bakelite and brass in an old design and with modern technology

Turn on - switch on - flick on
Light switch in retro design

With a simple click, the living room is illuminated and light is brought into the dark. Hardly anything is more natural, effortless and everyday. Hardly anything is as little in the everyday aesthetic consciousness as this seemingly insignificant, functional building detail: the light switch.

We think: The light switch deserves more attention! After all, it is usually placed in a prominent position so that it can be reached, which is why it is no exaggeration to integrate it into the overall stylistic concept.

We offer you: Switch Systems that combine old forms with modern aesthetics:
Whether made of porcelain, black Bakelite or white Thermoset, the switches are available in numerous variants for traditional Junction boxes for surface mounting or contemporary flush mounting.

There is no need to do without modern functionalities such as Thermoset Junction Boxes or Thermoset Dimmers. Behind the exterior lies state-of-the-art technology.

Combine according to the style of your home - play with colours, shapes and materials - make switching on a small and joyful "click" every day!