Customised products

Reproduction to order

Do you have an original that you would like to have reproduced?

Of course, we can also organise the exclusive reproduction of a historical original for you. We are happy to put our experience with the strengths and weaknesses of the various producers and craftsmen at your service. We can also adapt the original to current standards for you.

Particularly when reproducing original door and window fittings, we can ensure that the replicas can then be easily combined with the desired lock or a new window gear. At the same time, we can supplement missing parts from our extensive stock, for example by offering corresponding window rosettes or long plates and short plates for your door handle or window olive.

We also have a wealth of experience with the pitfalls of details for other building elements such as forged lamps, cast-iron columns, doorbell plates or fence elements. For example, we know which "simplifications" in production are detrimental to the effect and which changes can still be made in the interests of more cost-effective production.

The process

It makes sense to contact us by phone or email first. You describe what you want and send or email us one or more pictures of your original. At this stage, we can give you an approximate cost framework in terms of a from-to range for components that we have already reproduced once.

You then give us your original, we suggest necessary or sensible adaptations and then submit a binding offer to you. If this offer meets your expectations, we will place the production order and you will receive your reproductions after around four to eight weeks.