Around The Front Door

Bells and bell plates, house numbers, letter plates, door knockers

Klingelplatte Messing italienisch Klingeln fürs Ein- oder Mehrfamilienhaus - auch mit Sprechgitter für Türsprechanlage

Italian Brass Doorbellplates

With and without speech grille in various sizes and surfaces

Klingeltaster Messing und Bakelit Türklingeln und Klingelplatten gefertigt nach original historischen Modellvorlagen

Historical Bell Plates

Single bells and multiple bells manufactured according to original historical models

Türglocke und mechanische Klingel Drehklingeln für die Haustür aus Messing und mechanische Ziehglocken aus Eisen

Mechanical Bells and Chimes

Mechanical bell pulls, rotary doorbells and pull bells

Briefschlitz und Briefkasten Briefklappen für die Haustür und Postkästen fürs DIN-A4-Format - Messing und Eisen

Letter Slots and Mailboxes

Letter plates and mailboxes in the current DIN A4 format

Hausnummer aus Emaille und Schilder Hausnummern und Hinweisschilder Emaille und Namensschilder aus Messing

House Numbers and Nameplates

Enamelled house numbers, signs and nameplates made of brass

Türstopper Messing und Torfeststeller Türstopper aus Messing und Eisen und Torfeststeller zur Wand- oder Bodenmontage

Gate Lock and Door Stopper

Hold-open devices and door stoppers for wall or floor mounting

Türklopfer Messing und Eisen Türklopfer in Form von Löwenköpfen und Ringen, zierlichen Händen und Frauenköpfen

Brass and Iron Door Knockers

Various models - hands, women's heads, lions or rings

Fußabstreifer für außen Schuhabkratzer aus Schmiedeeisen und Gusseisen für Boden- und Wandmontage

Iron Foot Scraper

Iron foot scrapers for floor or wall mounting

Small building details for a beautiful entrance door

There is one detail around the entrance door that deserves more attention:

First of all, there is the bell on the entrance door - whether ornate or simple, single or multiple bells - we offer a wide selection of Bell Plates and purely mechanical pull bells. A real alternative to the unattractive plastic bell boxes, which are particularly inappropriate for older buildings.

Every house has to have a House Numbers! The classic choice is an enamelled House Numbers. Whether small or large, square or oval, black and white or in bright colours - the choice is yours!

No entrance door should be without a letterbox. We offer A4-size models in brass and iron in various styles.

And even if it's no longer really contemporary: you can still find door knockers
in various shapes and materials, shoe scrapers and mechanical Iron Foot Scrapers.

For a harmonious overall look for your front entrance!