Entrance Door Fittings

Entrance door fittings - reproductions based on historical models in a wide range of styles, made of brass and iron

Haustürbeschlag Messing Klassische Haustürbeschläge mit Türknauf oder Ziehgriff und Drückergarnituren mit beidseitigem Türgriff – gefertigt nach original antiken Vorlagen

Classic Brass Entrance Door Fittings

Door fittings as knob/handle-set with door knob or pull handle and as a lever handle set with door handle on both sides - reproduced from antique originals

Haustürbeschläge aus Schmiedeeisen Wechselgarnituren und Drückergarnituren aus Gußeisen und Schmiedeeisen - mit Langschildern oder Rosetten

Iron Entrance Door Fittings

Knob/handle-sets and handle-sets made of cast iron and wrought iron - with backplates or roses

Türgriff für Feuerschutztür Feuerschutzbeschläge aus Edelstahl  - als Wechselgarnituren oder Drückergarnituren mit Rosetten oder Langschildern

Stainless Steel Fire Protection Fittings

Stainless steel fire protection fittings - with long plates or roses

Kastenschloss, Riegel und Rosetten PZ-Kastenschlösser, Schlüsselrosetten mit Profilzylinderlochung und Feststellriegel

Rim Locks, Deadbolts and Escutcheons

Euro profile cylinder escutcheons, key escutcheons with profile cylinder perforations and deadbolts

The entrance door is the calling card of the house

The entrance door is and has always been an essential design element of the house. It emphasises the style and character of a building. Whether stately portals, ornate Wilhelminian style doors or simple panelled doors - the stylistically appropriate door fitting should not be overlooked.

Give your entrance door a touch of elegance!
With our stylish fittings, your entrance door will be a shining eye-catcher.

The Entrance Door Fittings are direct reproductions based on models from the Wilhelminian style and Art Nouveau, from the Bauhaus era and the 1920s. The variety of models reflects the great diversity of forms of earlier times.

The Entrance Door Fittings in Wrought Iron are made of cast brass, cast iron or wrought iron. Depending on the Material, they are available in different surface finishes.

We offer Entrance Door Fittings as knob/handle-sets, as handle-sets and also as certified fire protection fittings. Of course, these are available with different spacing dimensions in accordance with today's standards, with PZ cylinder or round cylinder perforation, and also with core pull protection on request.

Do you need customised products and recastings according to your specifications? Many things can be realised in our brass foundry. Just ask us!