Almost like the old days!

Old designs in a new ambience

Stained Glass Corners

Frieze corners in bright colours for transom windows and doors

Buntglasecke LUNA - 10 x 10 bis 14 x 14 LUNA
103213 Further designs available
Buntglasecke SIRIUS - 10 x 10 bis 14 x 14 SIRIUS
103210 Further designs available
Buntglasecke VENUS - 10 x10 bis 14 x 14 VENUS
102426 Further designs available
Buntglasecke WEGA - 10 x 10 bis 14 x 14 WEGA
103208 Further designs available

The corner - the frieze - the frieze corner

They are also called frieze corners, these brightly coloured Stained Glass Corners with their flower-like ornaments. This is because they are used to decorate the corners of multi-partitioned transom doors with edge friezes.

The brightly coloured Glass Corners are made from coloured flashed glass. The ornament is skilfully cut out of the coloured glass layer by hand and the rough surface is then polished. The combination of these techniques gives the corners their incomparable depth and conciseness.

Small irregularities in the flashed glass - slight colour gradients, small air inclusions and fluctuating Glass thickness - also contribute to the special character of the Glass Corners. Simply a little imperfect.
And yet: frieze corners are small works of art, because each one is unique, made by a skilled hand.
They are made individually according to your specifications.

All patterns are available in the colours blue / red / yellow or green.