Aged Oak Flooring

Solid aged planks and parquet floors in various colour shades and formats

Gealterte Dielenböden aus Eiche Massive Eichenholzdielen in verschiedenen Farbnuancen - wechselnde oder fixe Breiten

Aged Oak Floorboards

Solid oak floorboards in various colour nuances - alternating or fixed widths

Gealtertes Parkett aus Eiche Massive Parkettstäbe in verschiedenen Farbnuancen im französischem Zuschnitt

Aged Oak Parquet

Solid parquet strips in various colour nuances in French cut

Aged oak floors - as if they had always been there...

Our oak floors are almost indistinguishable from real old plank or parquet floors from castles and manor houses of past centuries.

Even more than any new floor, an old plank or parquet floor lends weight and significance to any room. It is the many traces of use and the broken edges that make the floor appear alive. A floor with character!

By processing the planks and parquet with a special dyeing and ageing process, they are given a special patina that could previously only be created by ageing and wear over time.

The combination of different stains, waxes and oils creates different wood colours, some of which differ only in nuances. Nevertheless, the colour effect is different in each case.

The planks and parquet strips are made from French oak. They are fitted with tongue and groove all round and are already treated with hard wax oil at the factory. This means that they no longer need to be sanded after installation, but simply treated with maintenance wax or oil.

The floors are made of solid oak in 20 mm thickness. They can also be produced as three-layer flooring for underfloor heating. It is also possible to produce panelled flooring - so-called Dombord panels - or Versailles parquet. Just ask us!