Traditional Building Elements for the Roof

Roof windows for historic buildings, roof spires and weathervanes

Dachspitze, Turmspitze und Wetterfahne aus Kupfer und Zink Dachverzierungen als krönender Abschluss fürs historische Gebäude

Roof spires and Weathervanes

Roof decorations as the crowning glory

Historische Dachfenster und Dachluken Denkmalschutz - Dachfenster und Dachluken aus Eisen mit zeitgemäßem Wärmeschutz nach historischen Vorbildern

Historic Roof Windows and Roof Hatches

Iron roof windows and roof hatches with contemporary thermal insulation based on historical models

On top of the roof

Grown historical roof landscapes are a cultural asset that must be preserved even in today's world.

The roof and the shape of the roof play a key role in determining the silhouette of a building. It is effectively the fifth façade of a house. Special requirements apply to the roof of older buildings - both aesthetic and technical. Our Roof Windows not only fit into the historical building context, but also offer contemporary thermal insulation.

Even at the top of the roof, the style of the house was continued in earlier times.
Roof Spires and Weathervanes made of copper or zinc are playful decorative elements and are eye-catching. They are also known as roof crowns for good reason.