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Nostalgic Wall Lamps for the Bathroom and Living Area

Classic, historic and timeless wall lights and ceiling lights for bathrooms, entrance areas and adjoining rooms

Wandleuchte GRAZ - Messing Wandleuchte Messing Art Deco GRAZ
105901 Further designs available
Wandleuchte BOSTON 30 - Messing BOSTON 30
120120 Further designs available
Wandleuchte WEIMAR - Messing mit Glaszylinder Wall light WEIMAR brass or nickel
102530 Further designs available

Classic beauties made of brass and glass

Bring a touch of nostalgia into your home with our classic, elegant wall lights.
Whether in entrées, living rooms or bathrooms, wall lights with glass shades accentuate and create a cosy atmosphere.

Our wall lights come in a wide variety of shapes. Each luminaire has its own face.
You have the choice between
different glass shapes: Spherical glasses, cylindrical glasses or open glass shades,
differently designed wall arms - from richly decorated to strictly shaped,
different surfaces - brass-coloured, patinated or nickel-plated.

Unique wall lights are the Boston and Chicago models in the American ArtDeco style of the 1920s/30s. These are luminaires with inlaid glass rods that create very special lighting effects. Many people will remember them from the entrance areas of opulent theatres or cinema entrances.

Less stately but no less traditional are the wall and ceiling lights with brass grids. They are often used in adjoining rooms and are still a classic.