Kitchen Sinks and Kitchen Faucets

Terrazzo and porcelain kitchen faucets, sink units and kitchen sinks

Elegante Küchenarmaturen Spültischarmaturen mit nostalgischen Kreuzgriffen oder Griffhebeln aus Porzellan

Elegant Kitchen Faucets

Sink taps with nostalgic cross handles or porcelain handles

Spülbecken aus Terrazzo und Porzellan Traditionell geformte Spülsteine für die Landhausküche oder den Aussenbereich

Terrazzo and Porcelain Sinks

Traditionally shaped sink units for country-style kitchens or outdoor areas

Traditional sinks and Kitchen Faucets

The country house kitchen is on everyone's lips today. This refers less to a precisely defined style and more to a kitchen with the cosy flair of times gone by.

Much of the kitchen revolves around the precious drinking water.
Our sink mixer taps with the beautiful old cross handles or porcelain handles should not be missing in any kitchen made to look old. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also beautiful to touch. They come from renowned manufacturers from neighbouring countries.

Sinks as they used to be are the large French-style ceramic sinks.

And if you want to go back even further in time, you will inevitably come across the good old terrazzo sinks. Terrazzo sinks were widely used in urban and rural homes in the 1930s and for many years afterwards, and are still popular today in kitchens, utility rooms and outdoor areas.
We offer a large selection of small to very large terrazzo sinks in various shapes and colours.