Almost like the old days!

Old designs in a new ambience

Deeply Embossed Lincrusta wallpapers

Ornamental wallpapers, panels and borders based on linseed oil


LIincrusta wallpapers for elegant wall design and individual colouring after application


Lincrusta panels with recurring motifs for traditional wall design

Friezes and Borders

Lincrusta friezes with opulent motifs and simple borders for a textured wall design

More than just wallpaper

Lincrusta is a very special wall covering, as exclusive as it is decorative.

Lincrusta - ornamental embossed wallpapers, Panels and borders with an impressive depth effect. The wallpapers were first produced in England at the end of the 19th century and are still produced there today using traditional methods.

Lincrusta is made entirely from natural materials such as linseed oil, pine resin, mud chalk and wood flour. The moulding compound is applied to paper backing sheets using rollers and embossed. The ornamental motifs bear witness to the elegant splendour of stately homes from earlier times.

Lincrusta is not indefinitely durable due to the natural materials. Only the coating with colour makes the Wallpapers durable and robust. The application of paint after application is an absolute must, but also a wonderful opportunity to determine the desired colour shade yourself and create individual effects using different colour schemes.