Facet cut glass

Glass with bevelled edges - clear glass or glass with ice flower decoration

Eisblumenglas CARY - mit Facettenschliff CARY
101156 Further designs available
Facettenschliffglas TOPECA TOPECA
101155 Further designs available

Dimensionally accurate bevelled glass - the elegant touch

In the past, bevelled glass was often used for elaborately designed glazing. Here, the edges of the glass panes are bevelled, creating interesting light effects.

Faceted glass is usually designed with clear glass.
If you want something more opaque, ice flower glass is just as elegant and elegant:

Ice flower glass has an unevenly textured surface. It looks as if ice crystals are coating the glass. The ice flower pattern is created by a special surface treatment of the glass. The faceted edges are subsequently polished all round and are then naturally clear.

Faceted widths from 10 mm to approx. 50 mm are common. The Glass thickness depends on the respective facet width. The glasses are produced to order according to your size specifications.

In addition to rectangular glasses, free shapes can also be produced according to a template.