Spiral staircases

Cast iron spiral staircases for various architectural styles

Elegantly ascend

Cast iron spiral staircases are a real gem in the staircase sector. An entire floor height can be overcome in a very small space, and in an extremely graceful way.

Spiral staircases should actually be called spiral staircases, because the steps are not free, but are mounted and stabilised on an internal spiral column. This makes very small staircase layouts possible.

The staircases consist of sets of steps that are built on top of each other in a variable right-hand or left-hand direction until the required storey height is reached. Cladding sleeves and a cover cap are provided for the end of the newel post, while a double or triple-width step is provided for the landing. Intermediate heights are possible by using intermediate rings or tread elements.

We currently offer three spiral staircases with different designs and diameters. All three models are two-layer - metallic grey lacquered. The stairs are not galvanised and are therefore only intended for indoor use.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for a spiral staircase adapted to your building situation.