Retro Light Switches and Sockets for Surface mounting

Nostalgic rotary switches and toggle switches made of black bakelite, white duroplast and high-gloss porcelain

Retro Aufputz Lichtschalter »BAKELIT« Klassische runde Lichtschalter und Steckdosen aus schwarzem Bakelit (THPG)

Retro surface-mounted Switches "BAKELIT"

Classic round surface-mounted light switches and sockets made of black Bakelite (THPG)

Retro Aufputz Lichtschalter »WHITE« Klassische runde Lichtschalter und Steckdosen aus weißem Duroplast (THPG)

Retro surface-mounted switches »DUROPLAST«

Classic round surface-mounted switches and sockets made of white duroplast (THPG)

Retro Aufputz Lichtschalter »IP44« Feuchtraum Schalter und Steckdosen aus Bakelit fürs historische Umfeld (THPG)

Retro surface-mounted switches »FEUCHTRAUM«

Bakelite switches and sockets for areas where IP44 is required (THPG)

Porzellan Aufputz Lichtschalter »DO« Drehschalter und Steckdosen aus Porzellan in minimalistischem Design (FONTINI)

Porcelain surface-mounted switches »DO«

Rotary switches and sockets made of porcelain in minimalist design (FONTINI)

Porzellan Aufputz Schalter »GARBY« Retro-Schalter aus Porzellan und Rohre zur traditionellen Aufputzinstallation (FONTINI)

Porcelain surface-mounted switches »GARBY«

Retro switch system made of porcelain for surface and flush mounting (FONTINI)

Porzellan Aufputz Schalter »DIMBLER« Kippschalter im Vintage-Design zur Aufputz- und Unterputzmontage (FONTINI)

Porcelain surface-mounted switches »DIMBLER«

Vintage design rocker switches for surface and flush mounting (FONTINI)

Almost like it used to be ...

Lengthy ago, surface-mounted installations were considered unsightly, even frowned upon, but sometimes unavoidable.
Today, however, building technology does not necessarily have to be hidden away. Used deliberately, these switches and sockets in retro design allow a new view of things and help to shape walls and rooms.
Home technology can show itself again!

Surface mounting is the most original form of cable installation.
Cables, junction boxes and devices are mounted visibly on the wall. Ideally suited for an industrial-technical ambience or when there is simply no other option because no slots can be knocked into the wall.

Whether black or white, with or without decor - a wide range is available with the switch series made of Bakelite, thermoset or porcelain.