Around the house

Traditional Building elements, bell plates, mailboxes, garden furniture, signs

Rund um die Haustüre Klingel und Klingelplatten, Hausnummern, Briefschlitze, Türklopfer

Around The Front Door

Bells and bell plates, house numbers, letter plates, door knockers

Gestaltende Bauelemente Jalousieverkleidungen, Säulen, Vordachkonsolen und Wasserspeier

Building components

Blinds cladding, columns, canopy brackets and waterspouts

Traditionelle Bauelemente fürs Dach Dachfenster für historische Gebäude, Dachspitzen und Wetterfahnen

Traditional Building Elements for the Roof

Roof windows for historic buildings, roof spires and weathervanes

Stilvolles für den Garten Steinbrunnen, Bassenas, Wasserhahn und Brunnenauslauf Messing, Gartenmobiliar

Stylish Garden Accessories

Fountains, basins, taps, fountain spouts and garden furniture

Around the house - Small details characterise the overall appearance of a building

Our range includes a variety of different components that lend an older building an appealing charm. Traditional building details can also be used to set special accents in new buildings.

For the entrance area:

From simple bell plates for apartment buildings to ornately decorated individual brass bells, from mailboxes and shoe scrapers to enamelled house numbers and other enamel plates: All of these small and large elements significantly characterise the external appearance of a house.

Garden accessories for outdoor use:

For outdoor use, we also offer exclusive garden furniture in traditional English or French style as well as faucets and fountain runs made of patinated brass - ideal for lovers of a well-kept garden design.

Historic roof ornaments:

On top of the roof - here it's the roof spires that add the crowning touch to historic houses. Rain gutters are decorated with waterspouts made of copper or zinc. The roof is also where the roof windows with glazing bar divisions are located, which can even be installed in listed buildings in accordance with current standards.

On the terrace or under the canopy:

Under the canopy or veranda, cast-iron columns characteristically adorn the entrance area or garden ambience.

Be inspired! Discover unusual building elements that can be used to stylishly embellish the exterior of a building.