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Sliding Door Shells

Cast brass recessed handles for stylish sliding doors or wardrobe doors

Handle Shells Manufactured in Sand Casting

Recessed handles for recessing into doors - in various styles based on original models

Handles Serially Manufactured

Sliding door shells - matching our room door fittings from serial production

Sliding doors in style

Sliding doors, whether invisible in the wall or running in front of the wall, save space and are once again very popular today. They are often used to partition off alcoves or walk-in wardrobes. In the past, they were often found in prestigious living rooms as so-called parlour doors or as room dividers.

The fittings for sliding the door are also known as shell handles. They are recessed into the wooden frame and simply mounted with beautiful pan-head screws. Depending on the style of your door, you can choose between plain or ornately designed brass Sliding Door Shells.

All Sliding Door Shells are available with or without Keyholes.