Pendant Luminaires for Covered Outdoor Areas

Classic hanging lanterns with chain or rod - made of aluminium, iron, brass or bronze

Hängeleuchte RAUTE (G) - Eisen verzinkt RAUTE (G)
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Hängeleuchte RAUTE (K) - Eisen verzinkt RAUTE (K)
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Außenleuchte PLACE VOSGES 1 - Hängeleuchte PLACE VOSGES 1
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Außenleuchte CHENON - Hängeleuchte CHENON
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Außenleuchte PLACE VOSGES 2 - Hängeleuchte PLACE VOSGES 2
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Außenleuchte VICTORIA - Hängeleuchte VICTORIA
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Außenleuchte VENDOMES - Hängeleuchte VENDOMES
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Hängeleuchte LYON (GEA) LYON
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Hängeleuchte MORZINE (MM) MORZINE (MM)
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Hängeleuchte PASSY (MM) PASSY (MM)
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Außenleuchte SYRA - Deckenleuchte - Serie COPPER - Kupfer SYRA
104843 Further designs available

Traditional pendant lights for outdoors

Pendant Luminaires can be used to create a pleasant atmosphere not only indoors.

Outdoor pendant lights are usually used in covered outdoor areas.
Under arcades, in courtyard entrances or on the veranda, in foyers or under the protective canopy - a traditional-style pendant light not only spreads light, but also enhances the surroundings.

Outdoor pendant lights are usually suspended from chains, sometimes also from cables or pendant tubes. Lights with an enclosing body are often referred to as lanterns because of their traditional shape. Luminaires with an open lampshade are referred to as umbrella luminaires.

All pendant lights, whether made of brass, bronze, steel or aluminium, are of course supplied with a matching canopy to cover the ceiling.

The models shown have completely different sizes. Please note the dimensions on the item page when making your selection.