Porcelain Sockets and Lamp Canopies

Porcelain and bakelite sockets, luminaire canopies made of porcelain and bakelite

Simple and straightforward

Porcelain and Bakelite Sockets for suspension, wall mounting or ceiling mounting. The requirement for "lighting" cannot be reduced much further. The installation itself becomes a design element.

Simple but attractively designed Porcelain and Bakelite Sockets accommodate the light source and present it uncovered - without glass, without a shade, without a cover. Luminaire Canopies, on the other hand, do not set the scene but rather hide it. In most cases, the cable outlet from the ceiling is more of an amorphous source of house dust, spider webs and rusty or bent hooks. A canopy reliably conceals this design flaw and also provides the necessary space to accommodate the luminaire terminal.