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Structured Glass

Embossed cast glass with various patterns - white or coloured

Designing vibrant glass surfaces

The production of Structured Glass is literally formative. Structured Glass is produced using the rolling process: The decoration is impressed into one side of the poured viscous glass mass by a pattern roller.

Most coloured and also some clear Structured Glasses are made using the old method of hand casting. Therefore, these glasses may have small glass defects such as pebbles, small cracks and slight irregularities in the ornament - just like the old glasses! They are intended for use in smaller glass surfaces of windows or door cut-outs that are divided by glazing bars.

Familiar and widespread patterns are line glass, ribbed glass, star glass or even pea and pyramid glass. Structured Glass, as it is also known, allows diffuse light into the interior, but protects against prying eyes.

We offer star-shaped glass in many different colours - but availability is on request!