Home Accessories

Coat hooks, shelf brackets, furniture fittings and other accessories

Garderobenhaken Garderobenhaken aus Messing und Eisen

Wardrobe Hooks

Wardrobe hooks made of brass and iron

Konsolen Ornamentierte Konsolen aus Eisen oder Messing,  nicht nur für Regale oder Bücherborde


Ornamented consoles made of iron or brass, not only for shelves or bookcases

Emailleschilder Weiß emaillierte Türschilder mit Beschriftung

Enamel Plates

White enamelled door plates with labelling

Möbelbeschläge Ziehknäufe, Knöpfe, Schlüsselschilder und Griffbeschläge

Furniture Fittings

Pull knobs, knobs, key plates and handle fittings

Rähmchen und Schilder Kleine Schildhalter aus Messing für Einsätze oder mit Gravurfläche

Brass Frames and Shields

Small brass plate holders for inserts or with engraving surface

Beautifully shaped accessories for the living area

It's the nice little things that delight the eye every day. It's good when they are not only decorative, but also useful.

You will find coat hooks, coat hooks and small individual hooks made of brass and iron in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Our consoles and holders for beautiful borders or kitchen borders are beautifully decorated.

If you have a lot of guests in the house, the doors can be clearly and beautifully labelled with oval Enamel Plates. Alternatively, we also offer delicate brass frames with ornate ornamentation for individual labelling.

The field of Furniture Fittings is a wide one. We have limited ourselves here to a few selected models. For example, if you have an old chest of drawers or a drawer cabinet, you can equip it with classic brass pull handles or key plates. Or you can choose the right model from the small Porcelain Knobs. New furniture can also be upgraded with beautiful fittings to give it that certain something.