Vintage-style Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles with characteristic grain and numerous motifs

Terrazzofliesen Serie »TIERRA« Terrazzoplatten mit feiner Struktur - unifarben und mit zahlreichen Dekoren

Terrazzo Tiles Series »TIERRA«

Terrazzo tiles with a fine structure - unicoloured and with numerous decors

Terrazzofliesen Serie »PASTINA« Terrazzoplatten mit fein geschliffener, matter Oberfläche - unifarben und mit Dekoren

Terrazzo Tiles Series »PASTINA«

Terrazzo tiles with a finely polished, matt surface - unicoloured and with patterns

Terrazzofliesen Serie »GROSSO« Terrazzoplatten mit grobkörnigem Marmorzuschlag und mediterranem Touch

Terrazzo Tiles Series »TERRAZZO GROSSO«

Terrazzo tiles with coarse-grained marble aggregate and a Mediterranean touch

Terrazzofliesen Serie »GRANIGLIE« Unifarbene Terrazzoplatten mit feiner Körnung und mit kräftigen Farben

Terrazzo Tiles Series »GRANIGLIE«

Unicoloured terrazzo tiles with a fine grain and bold colours

Terrazzo in vogue - the rediscovery of an ancient floor

Terrazzo floors have been known since Roman antiquity. It is the small terrazzo-type stones - technically known as aggregates - that are worked out by grinding and give the floor its lively appearance. Terrazzo, a mixture of sand, lime and aggregate, used to be poured seamlessly like a screed floor and was often lovingly decorated with mosaic inlays at the edges.

During the Renaissance in the 15th century, terrazzo found its way into stately palazzos in Italy. At the time, it was regarded as a noble and elegant floor covering. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was also widely used in bourgeois homes in kitchens, corridors and bathrooms. And then disappeared again...

And back again! Today, terrazzo is making a comeback in the form of terrazzo tiles, which have a similar visual effect. However, they are manufactured in the factory, sanded and then laid in a mortar bed like tiles.

Terrazzo tiles now give you completely new design options: Play with colours and shapes. Combine the tiles to your heart's content and revive the good old terrazzo - whether traditionally or boldly designed!