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Decorative living ideas

Wall Tiles Series »AMARCORD«

Octagonal tiles and half tiles with matt glaze and elegant appearance

Rectangular Tiles 10 x 20 cm

Half size tiles with matt glaze

Square Tiles/Octagonal Tiles 20 x 20 cm

Large format tiles with matt glaze

Inlets for Octagonal Tiles

Small inlets in 3 x 3 cm format - with relief ornament or inlets flat surface

Border Tiles

Border tiles for visually structuring the wall surface - with relief ornament or flat surface

Border Tiles

Border tiles for border design with matt glaze

Moulded Parts

Skirting tiles, corner pieces and corner tiles with matt glaze

Skirting tile - series AMARCORD - 20 x 20 Skirting tile
115538 Further designs available
Corner skirting tile - series AMARCORD - 2 x 20 Skirting corner tile
115552 Further designs available
Corner border tile KYRA - series AMARCORD - 2 x 6.5 Border corner tile KYRA
115543 Further designs available
Corner border tile RONDA - series AMARCORD - 2 x 3.5 Border corner tile RONDA
115547 Further designs available
Corner pieces - series AMARCORD - 1.2 x 20 Corner pieces
115513 Further designs available

Classic tiles with a matt glaze in the formats 20 x 20 cm and 10 x 20 cm. As a special feature, the tiles are not glossy but have a matt glaze. The matt glaze gives the tiles and therefore your bathroom or kitchen an almost elegant expressiveness. The different formats and moulded pieces allow for a variety of wall designs. The octagonal tiles and matching coloured inlays can be used to create a very classic design.