Historically contemporary!

Old forms restaged

Letter Slots and Mailboxes

Letter plates and mailboxes in the current DIN A4 format - brass and iron

Letter Plates for the Front Door

Letter slot flaps for installation in doors and walls

Felt Flaps for Letter Plates

Felt-covered inner flaps as draught excluders for letter inserts made of brass and aluminium

Traditional mailboxes and Front Panels for Letter Slots

Aluminium mailboxes as top-mounted mailboxes and stylish brass front panels for recessing into the house wall

The letter plate in the door - the mailbox in front of the door

One function, two concepts. In the past, if the postman didn't walk through the always open entrance door into the kitchen to drop off the mail anyway, he usually pushed it through the letter plate, where it landed on the floor with a characteristic sound. Those who didn't want to bend down, or where the structural conditions dictated it, also used to attach a mailbox.

Thanks to their classic design, our mail slot flaps fit perfectly with a variety of front door styles, be it traditional, modern or vintage. Whether made of brass or iron, our letter plates are a practical and aesthetic solution. As draught protection, we also offer felt flaps that close the letter plate on the inside of the entrance door.

Even if electronic inboxes tend to dominate these days, a house without a letter plate in the door or without a mailbox is unthinkable. And it may even be traditionally designed again.