Stoneware Tiles Series »CLASSIC«

Unicoloured tiles in various formats and bright colours

Quadratische Feinsteinzeugfliesen Unifarbene Platten in verschiedenen Formaten und Farben

Square Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Unicoloured tiles in various formats and colours

Achteckfliesen aus Feinsteinzeug Octogonale Fliesen in verschiedenen Formaten und vielen bunten Einlegern

Octagonal Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Octagonal tiles in various formats and many colourful inlays

Sechseckfliesen aus Feinsteinzeug Hexagonale Fliesen in verschiedenen Formaten und Farben

Hexagonal Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Hexagonal tiles in various formats and colours

Sockelfliesen aus Feinsteinzeug Standsockel mit runder Abschlusskante im Format 7 x 15 cm

Porcelain Stoneware Skirting Tiles

Pedestal with round edge in the format 7 x 15 cm

Fine stoneware tiles - a floor for life

Ceramic fine stoneware tiles are considered a noble and high-quality tile material due to their high density. The clay granulate made from finely ground minerals is pressed under high pressure in a particularly dense mould and fired at very high temperatures of 1,200 °C and above. The through-coloured tiles are therefore extremely resistant to abrasion and extremely durable.
A porcelain stoneware tile floor is the most durable flooring classic of all, retaining its beauty and function for many decades.

In contrast to stoneware or earthenware tiles, porcelain stoneware tiles have virtually no water absorption. They are therefore frost-resistant and weatherproof and can also be used outdoors on terraces or access paths without any problems.

Fine stoneware tiles are also popular for laying in heavily frequented rooms, guest rooms or entrances due to their special material properties. They are also the tiles of choice in wet areas. They have an R10 slip resistance rating and are ideal for laying in walk-in showers.

The tiles from the CLASSIC series are provided with an easy-care ceramic surface coating as standard. The coating is inseparably bonded to the ceramic body during the firing process. Tempered tiles have an elegant, silky matt sheen and a more intense colour effect. They can be laid without additional impregnation and are particularly easy to clean.

Fine stoneware tiles are tiles with an elegant matt appearance and a wide range of design options. Play with colours and shapes: Square tiles, laid diagonally across the room in a chess pattern? Octagonal tiles with coloured inlays, inspired by old kitchen floors? Or tiles in an eye-catching hexagonal format?

The tiles are available in various classic small formats - just like in the old days!