Stoneware Tiles Series »MANUFAKTUR«

Handmade tiles with elaborate decors in various formats

Dekorfliesen mit glatter Oberfläche Fliesen aus Feinsteinzeug mit zweifarbigen Dekoren - verschiedene Formate

Decorative Tiles with Smooth Surface

Porcelain stoneware tiles with two-colour decors - various formats

Dekorfliesen mit Relief-Oberfläche Relieffliesen aus Feinsteinzeug, unifarben oder mit Dekor - verschiedene Formate

Decorative Tiles with Relief Surface

Relief tiles made of porcelain stoneware, unicoloured or with decor - various formats

Bordüren- und Eckfliesen Bordürenfliesen mit zwei- oder mehrfarbiger Ornamentik in verschiedenen Formaten

Borders and Border Corner Tiles

Border tiles with two- or multi-coloured ornamentation in various formats

Noble and high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles - from a German manufactory

The ornamented tiles are still traditionally made to order today: The blank is made from fine clay granulate, which is pressed under high pressure. The coloured granules are filled into the pressing tool by hand using a filling template. The carrier granulate is then applied to this layer, the template is removed and pressed under high pressure to form a stable blank. The subsequent firing at very high temperatures creates the intense colours of these tiles.

Fine stoneware tiles are extremely robust and abrasion-resistant - a guarantee for durability over many decades. They are particularly suitable for heavily frequented rooms such as kitchens, guest rooms or entrance areas. The tiles are frost-resistant and can also be used outdoors without any problems.

The tiles are provided with an easy-care ceramic surface coating. This is inseparably bonded to the ceramic body during the firing process. This means that the tiles are easy to clean and do not need to be impregnated separately.

The ornamental tiles are available in various formats, colours and classic decors. By combining Decor Tiles with Unicoloured tiles and different border tiles, entire tile carpets can be designed in an individual way.

Floor tiles with relief, as they were often admired in entrance areas in the past, have a special conciseness and depth effect. The ornament with its special play of light and shadow is emphasised very vividly by the relief.