RETRO Design!

New old design ideas

Wall Tiles Series »VINTAGE«

High-gloss octagonal tiles with inlays in various colours

Octagonal Tiles and Square Tiles 20 x 20 cm

Large-format base tiles in bright, high-gloss colours

Inlets 3 x 3 cm

Small inserts for octagonal tiles in contrasting or light colours

Rectangular Tiles 10 x 20 cm

Large-format half tiles in high-gloss colours

Border Tiles and Border Corner Tiles

Border tiles and corners for the upper finish - Border tile for structuring the wall surface

Border tile M - series VINTAGE - 6.5 x 20 Border tile M
107860 Further designs available
Corner border tile M - series VINTAGE - 2 x 6.5 Border corner tile M
107899 Further designs available
Border tile S - series VINTAGE - 3.5 x 20 Border tile S
107875 Further designs available
Corner border tile S - series VINTAGE - 2 x 3.5 Border corner tile S
107905 Further designs available
Half-round border - series VINTAGE - 2 x 20 Half-round bar
107881 Further designs available

Plinth Tiles 20 x 20 cm

Skirting and skirting corner tiles in high-gloss colours

Quarter Rods 1.2 x 20 cm

Round bars for an elegant corner design in high-gloss colours

High-gloss tiles - for the bathroom with a modern retro touch

Octagonal tiles with inlays - this tile format is perceived as a special design element not only on the floor, but also on the wall. The small inserts break up the monochrome wall surface and the retro flair in the bathroom is created in an instant.
With the half tiles in rectangular format, you leave a shiny impression and create a slightly cooler room effect.

Matching Borders and Skirting Tiles are available in all five colour variants.