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Wall Tiles Series »MELANGE«

Tiles with a restrained, delicate colour scheme - with lively colour gradients

Rectangular Tiles 6.5 x 13 cm

Half-size tiles with a strongly iridescent glaze

Square Tiles 13 x 13 cm

Square tiles in a small format with a strongly iridescent glaze

Border Tiles and Moulded Parts

Border tiles with and without relief to design the wall surface

Border tile FLORAL - series MELANGE - 26 x 6.5 Border tile FLORAL
109202 Further designs available
Border tile EFEU - series MELANGE - 26 x 3 Border tile EFEU
109196 Further designs available
Border stick - series MELANGE - 26 x 2 Border stick
109208 Further designs available
Border tile - series MELANGE - 26 x 5.5 Border tiles
109220 Further designs available
Corner border tile - series MELANGE - 3 x 5.5 Corner border tile
109232 Further designs available
Corner pieces - series MELANGE - 1.2 x 26 Corner pieces
109209 Further designs available

Small-format Wall tiles with lively colour gradients in pastel shades in the formats 13 x 13 cm and 6.5 x 13 cm. This tile series is characterised by its extraordinary brilliance, its vibrant play of colours and yet restrained appearance. The slightly irregular edges and the slightly uneven surface with the resulting glaze gradients give the wall surface structure and ensure a varied look.