Almost like the old days!

Old designs in a new ambience

Porcelain surface-mounted switches »GARBY«

Retro switch system made of porcelain for surface and flush mounting (FONTINI)

Porzellan Aufputz Steckdosen Steckdosen mit und ohne Kabeleinführung - weiß, schwarz oder pastellfarben

Porcelain - Sockets for Surface Mounting

Sockets with and without cable entry - various designs

Porzellan Aufputz Drehschalter Wechselschalter, Kreuzschalter und Jalousieschalter - diverse Ausführungen

Porcelain - Rotary Switches for Surface Mounting

Two-way-switch, intermediate switch and blind switch - various designs

Porzellan Aufputz Drehtaster Porzellankorpus und Drehknebel in diversen Ausführungen

Porcelain - Push/turn control for Surface Mounting

Porcelain body and rotary knobs in various designs

Porzellan Aufputz Drucktaster Einzel- und Doppeldrucktaster in diversen Ausführungen

Porcelain - Push button for Surface Mounting

Single and double push buttons in various designs

Porzellan Aufputz Drehdimmer Tastregler mit Dimmermodul für  LED / Glühlampen und Halogenlampen

Porcelain-Rotary Dimmers for Surface Mounting

Push-button controller with dimmer module for LED/incandescent lamps and halogen lamps

Porzellan Aufputz Anschlussdosen RTV-und Netzwerkdosen, Kabelauslass, Blindkorpus und Spezial-Unterputzdose

Porcelain-Junction boxes for Surface Mounting

RTV and network sockets, cable outlet, dummy body and special flush-mounted socket

Holz-Grundplatten zur Aufputzmontage Grundplatten mit einseitigem Kabelauslass - zur vertikalen oder horizontalen Montage

Wooden Base Plate for Surface Mounting with Cable Outlet

Base plates with cable outlet on one side - for vertical or horizontal mounting

Holz-Grundplatten zur Aufputzmontage Grundplatten mit beidseitigem Kabelauslass - zur vertikalen oder horizontalen Montage

Wooden Base Plate for Surface Mounting with Cable Outlet

Base plates with cable outlet on both sides - for vertical or horizontal mounting

Holz-Grundplatten zur Unterputzinstallation Grundplatten ohne seitlichen Kabelauslass für Unterputzmontage

Wooden Base Plates for Flush-mounted Installation

Base plates without side cable outlet for flush mounting

Abdeckrahmen zur Unterputzinstallation Porzellan- und Holzrahmen inklusive Montageplatte

Porcelain base plates for flush-mounted installation

Porcelain and wooden frame including mounting plate

Metallrohre zur Kabelführung Rostfarben lackierte Rohre und ergänzendes Zubehör für die Aufputzinstallation

Pipe System - Metal Pipes and Accesories

rust-coloured lacquered tubes for cable routing and additional accessories

Verteilerdosen aus Porzellan und Metall in verschiedenen Größen und Farben

Pipe System - Junction Boxes

made of porcelain and metal in various sizes and colours

RETRO switch made of shiny porcelain - white and colourful and versatile

The "Garby" Switch System combines different materials such as porcelain and wood. It can be surface-mounted with or without a pipe system. With a variety of colours and decors, it can be integrated into a wide range of building situations.

Porcelain, an aesthetically and haptically pleasing material, used to be an important material in electrical engineering. We are reviving the porcelain switches, supplemented by various additional elements for today's requirements.With this surface-mounted system from Spain, the installation itself becomes a design element. Used deliberately, it organises the room and is perceived as both a functional and aesthetic element.

Garby is one of the most versatile switch ranges. The metal tubes and complementary accessories are always matt rust-coloured lacquered. There are countless possible combinations for all other components, which would go beyond the scope of this brief information. Just this much: the switches and sockets themselves are made of black or white porcelain. The white switches are also available with a discreet floral design. There are various porcelain and wooden models for the rotary knobs on the switches. The wooden base plates are also available in different surfaces. Finally, the Rotary switches are even available in colourful pastel shades. More variation is almost impossible!