Old new designs!

Installation examples

Iron Entrance Door Fittings

Knob/handle-sets and handle-sets made of cast iron and wrought iron - with backplates or roses

Entrance Door Fittings in Wrought Iron

Wrought iron door sets with security escutcheons - galvanised and painted matt black

Entrance Door Fittings in Cast Iron

Cast iron door sets in various styles - brushed and waxed

Entrance Door Fittings with character

Iron Entrance Door Fittings combine nostalgic charm with timeless elegance. They are suitable for renovating historic buildings and vintage-style houses, especially for houses in rural areas.

Our wrought iron Entrance Door Fittings are inspired by the classic designs of past decades. Made from high-quality wrought iron, these fittings are handcrafted to ensure authentic details and an appealing aesthetic.
Galvanised and painted matt black, they are extremely durable and resistant.

The heavy Entrance Door Fittings in Wrought Iron are reproduced from original historical models in an iron foundry. They are replicas with fine lines and the highest level of detail, almost indistinguishable from genuine old fittings.
The cast iron fittings will develop rust film over time and take on a very authentic appearance. If you want to preserve the beautiful iron surface, door handles and door plates should be brushed regularly and treated with a maintenance wax.

Give your entrance door a touch of nostalgic elegance with our iron fittings - a perfect combination of craftsmanship and Functionality.