Gate Lock and Door Stopper

Brass and iron door stopper and gate stop for wall or floor mounting

Door stoppers and gate stops - two useful and often overlooked details

Our door stoppers serve as a stop to protect furniture or walls. They are not made of steel, but of elegant brass or iron. They are a small complementary detail for a stylish living ambience. The door stoppers have a rubber ring as a stop ring and are mounted in the floor using a hanger bolt.

Our antique gate stops exude the rustic charm of past centuries.
Although they look antique, our iron gate stops are robust and durable. They are real heavyweights and are designed to withstand the stresses of daily use and keep your gates securely in position.

The gate stops are available for both floor and wall mounting to suit the respective structural situation. They all come with a galvanised sheet iron closing bracket that is attached to the gate itself.

Whether you own a restored villa, a country house or a rustic garden, our antique gate stops are the perfect addition to your setting.