Classic living dreams!

Interior design examples

Ceramic Wall Panels Series »BOISERIE«

Large-format panel tiles with a classic texture in delicate pastel colours

Ceramic Panels 20 x 80 cm

Elongated textured ceramic panel tiles with a high-gloss or matt glaze

Border Tiles for Wall Panels

Borders and border corner tiles with a high-gloss or matt glaze

Decorative Border for Wall Panels

Border tiles with relief ornaments in delicate pastel colours

Plinth Tiles and Corner Tiles for Wall Panels

Lamperie tiles, matching corner tiles and corner pieces in delicate pastel colours

Decent coloured ceramic panel tiles in the format 20 x 80 cm. Stylish wall design with ceramic panels - Ceramic Wall Panels are an exceptional alternative to wood panelling. They are often used in wet areas for very practical reasons.