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Wall Tiles Series »WITJES«

Handmade Delft tiles in various shades of white

Square Tiles 13 x 13 cm

Colour mixtures in various shades of white or pink

Decor Tiles

Witjes tiles with hand-painted decors in various colours

Border Tiles

Profiled border tiles in various sizes - unicoloured or with hand-painted motifs

Border Tiles

Hand-painted multi-coloured borders and corners to design the wall surface


Hand-painted strip tiles to design the wall surface

Handmade wall tiles in various shades of white in the format 13 x 13 cm. Our handmade Dutch "Witjes" (blind tiles) are reproductions of Dutch "Delft" wall tiles, which have been produced since the 16th century. The special feature of the "Witjes" is the subtle differences in colour that appear after firing. We offer the tiles in a lighter "calm" mixture of different shades of white and grey and also in a "strong" mixture.
A special gem are the hand-painted tiles with corner ornaments. These design the wall surface in a graceful way. There are also three-dimensional and painted border tiles as well as Decor Tiles with floral ornaments.