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Copper and Zinc Waterspouts for Rainwater Pipes and Gutters

Dragons made from copper or zinc sheet to divert water

Copper and zinc waterspouts - decorative dragons for rainwater pipes and gutters

The water has to go. As a general statement, this is likely to be vehemently disputed, but less so in relation to building construction. The fact is: rainwater should be channelled as far away from the house as possible so that the façade and foundations remain dry.

It is advantageous when function and form form a profitable alliance. Our dragons therefore spew water instead of fire.

Waterspouts, also known as "gargoyles" or "gargouilles", have been around since ancient times. Waterspouts have and had the function of "spraying" the water collected in a gutter away from the building and thus protecting the masonry. Waterspouts also had a symbolic meaning in earlier times: they were often designed as animal, sometimes mythical and demonic creatures. Their demonic appearance was intended to ward off evil spirits and demons and protect the building from evil forces.

The waterspouts are all available in both copper and titanium zinc. They come in different sizes depending on the model and can be mounted on standard rainwater pipes. It is important to note that copper should not be mounted on zinc pipes and vice versa. The two materials do not harmonise and the less noble metal zinc will corrode over time.