RETRO Design!

New old design ideas

Porcelain surface-mounted switches »DIMBLER«

Vintage design rocker switches for surface and flush mounting (FONTINI)

Retro Schalter »DIMBLER« Porzellan Runde Kippschalter mit Porzellankorpus in weiß und schwarz mit zierlichem Kipphebel

Retro Switch »DIMBLER« with Porcelain Body

Toggle switches in various surface finishes

Retro Schalter »DIMBLER« Messing Runde Kippschalter mit Kipphebel und Metallkuppel in verschiedenen Oberflächen

Retro Switch »DIMBLER« with Metal Dome

Toggle lever and metal dome in various surface finishes

Schalterplatten aus Holz Grundplatten zur vertikalen oder horizontalen Aufputzmontage von Schaltern

Wooden Base Plate for Surface Mounting

for vertical or horizontal mounting

Metallrohre zur Kabelführung Rostfarben lackierte Rohre und ergänzendes Zubehör für die Aufputzinstallation

Pipe System - Metal Pipes and Accesories

rust-coloured lacquered tubes for cable routing and additional accessories

Exquisite switches from times gone by

These switches originated in the days of electrification of residential buildings at the beginning of the last century. But like so many things, they disappeared into oblivion over the years. But now they are back! The porcelain switches in the DIMBLER series with their soft round shape and delicate toggle levers have once again become a popular design element.

These switches with a porcelain body are made entirely of white or black porcelain. Porcelain has a crystal-clear aesthetic, a pleasant feel and particularly good insulating properties. All switches are available with toggle levers in various surface finishes.
And the switches are also available with a brass cover, as was very popular in England or France. Depending on the chosen Surface, the switches take on a very unique look.
Whether two-way switches, cross switches or Toggle Pushbuttons - all are available in numerous combinations.

For surface mounting with supply conduits, the switches can be placed on matching wooden base plates.
Flush mounting is also possible. Special wooden or porcelain base plates are provided for this purpose. You can also mount the attractive switches directly on the wall. However, special flush-mounted boxes should then be used.