Almost like the old days!

Old designs in a new ambience

Brass Fountain Spouts and Garden Taps

Decorative garden taps in brass patinated and fountain spouts

Water in the garden - stylish faucets and fountain spouts

Water is known to be the source of all life. This is all the more true for the home garden, where everything should be green and blooming. And of course it is always important to water well. We also have aesthetically pleasing solutions for this purpose:

The nostalgic brass garden faucet

The brass faucet is not only functional, but can also be used to decorative effect in the garden. Our brass patinated faucets are usually simple, but some have a special design with a softly moulded cross handle or a florally ornamented lever handle, depending on the model. Some taps are equipped with bucket hooks for convenient pouring.
Almost all faucets can be fitted with a tap connector and a quick-release coupling for connecting a garden hose. The connector set can be ordered separately if required.

The decorative brass fountain spout

Nothing is more soothing in the garden than a babbling fountain. For this sound, we have at least as beautiful fountain spouts in our range.
Unlike the faucets, the fountain spouts do not have a shut-off valve. The water flow is operated via a circulation pump and switched on and off there.
Our fountain spouts, plain or figuratively shaped, are both a decorative and functional element. Please note the different size ratios and pipe diameters.

The outdoor shower with matching brass shut-off valves

For outdoor water fun, we offer a shower head with a ball joint made of brass patinated. A wide range of installation options are possible here. You can also order matching shut-off valves to regulate the flow of water.