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Brass and Iron Door Knockers for Internal Doors

Door knockers in the shape of lion heads and rings, delicate hands and women's heads

The brass and iron door knocker - a relic from times gone by

Although door knockers have long since been replaced by modern doorbells, they can still be found in old stately homes or traditional rural buildings. As traditional elements of the entrance door, they continue to characterise the appearance.

Brass and iron door knockers are particularly widespread in southern countries, where they stand out as decorative details on doors as you stroll through villages and towns. In addition to their practical function, they often also had a symbolic meaning:

Door knocker lion

Door knockers are very often found in the form of lion heads: lion figures were a popular symbol of lordly power and defence even in ancient times.

Door knocker hand

A form of door knocker that is particularly common in southern countries is the female hand: it is the "Hand of Fatima" - a well-known motif and symbol of protection.

Door knocker ring

While the widespread ring-shaped door knocker may seem rather unspecific, it symbolises unity and togetherness.

Which model or material you choose is ultimately a question of your personal taste and the style of your house and entrance door. Door knockers are usually attached to the centre of the door. They are mounted through the door using a threaded pin.