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»Fine stoneware tile OLD ENGLAND square« von Replicata - colour: green grey - Replikate

You are here: Products For floors and walls Fine stoneware tiles «OLD ENGLAND» Fine stoneware tile OLD ENGLAND square, Art.-Nr. 732.1001

Fine stoneware tile OLD ENGLAND square

colour: green grey, 200 x 200 mm, thickness 8 mm, matt glazed, packaging unit: 30 pcs. = 1,2 sqm

Fine stoneware tile OLD ENGLAND square

colour: green grey
200 x 200 mm
thickness 8 mm
matt glazed
packaging unit: 30 pcs. = 1,2 sqm

Ref.-No 732.1001.004 7321001

Price per qm: ¤ 76,00

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    • General product information

      Even if the name of the tile series OLD ENGLAND suggests otherwise - these tiles are produced in Italy, the country of tile production.

      Two-tone ornamented, small inserts and matching border tiles determine the character of the floor and structure the floor area in a simple and elegant way

      Matching plain tiles and base tiles complement the fringe.

      Specific product information

      Manufacturing processes

      Fine porcelain stoneware is manufactured in an elaborate procedure where white clay and natural oxides are pressed at high pressure and with a high firing temperature of 1020°C. The result is a homogenous, densely sintered ceramic product with low water absorption. Before the firing process the surface gets coated with a transparent protective layer that is permanently bound to the ceramic tile during the firing process.

      Colour shades and calibration

      Due to the manufacturing process the tiles of different batches may vary in colour and calibration. When ordering tiles please indicate if you plan modular laying, in order for us to assort matching colours and calibers. Possible slight caliber differences can be compensated with a joint width of 2-3mm.

    • Packaging, delivery, lead time

      Delivery time

      Tiles can be ordered according to the specified packaging units. The tiles are shipped to us directly from the factory in Italy. Lead time: approx. 3 weeks.

      Packaging and delivery

      Tiles can only be transported safely with a forwarding agency. We would be pleased to provide you with an offer for delivery on your construction site. Transport cost depends on weight and distance. To prepare the offer we need to know the amount of tiles you plan to buy and your postcode.

    • Instructions for mounting and care


      It is advisable to lay out some tiles before laying in order to see the overall effect. Cross-mixing is necessary to receive a harmonious play of colours. Please take the tiles out of different boxes during laying, alternating between all boxes.

      For laying of tiles using the thin-bed method, we recommend to use a flexible, hydraulically hardening, plastictreated thin-bed mortar (Flexkleber) according to DIN EN 12004 e.g. MAPEI Keraflex Maxi. We recommend narrow joints (2-3 mm). Please note that the cusring time is 48-72 hours. You should not walk on the floor during this time.

      All tiling work must only be carried out by a qualified specialist. We cannot accept any liability for damages due to incorrect installation.


      Please use a flexibel jointing grout (according to EN 13888, e.g. MAPEI Ultracolor) as joint sealer or a grout on a cement base without additive. It is advisable to use a grout in the same colour as the tiles. Be careful when using dark coloured joint sealers! These contain strong colour pigments that are very difficult to remove from the tile surface. Therefore you need to work carefully if you use a joint sealer that has a colour that deviates from the colour of the tiles. To avoid staining of the tile surface it is advisable to treat the surface with pre-grouting protective treatment (e.g. FILA PRW200) or impregnate the floor prior to grouting (e.g. FILA MP90). Please observe the instructions of the respective manufacturer. In case of doubt, carry out a trial grouting in an inconspicuous place.

      Final treatment

      Cleaning constitutes the last step of professional tile laying. The whole floor must be cleaned with a cleaner that removes cement residue to remove all excess cement (e.g. Fila Deterdek) from the grouting process. Before the cement residue remover is applied, the joints should get prewetted in order to protect them from the acid contained in the cleaner. The careful execution of this cleaning process is crucial for the subsequent look and cleaning characteristics of the tile surface. More than 90% of the complaints concerning fine stoneware tiles are a result of insufficiently thorough final treatment or it was not carried out. Final cleaning should get done as soon as possible, as cleaning needs considerable effort even only two weeks after laying. Do not go ahead with final cleaning when the temperatures are too high. During summer, cleaning is done preferably at times of the day when the temperature is lowest.


      The tiles are coated with a transparent protective layer, however impregnation (e.g. FILA MP90) after the final treatment or before jointing (instead of using jointing aid) is not a mistake.

      Maintenance and care

      Proper cleaning helps to maintain the beauty of your tile floor. For basic cleaning and care a variety of detergents especially for fine stoneware tiles are available in retail stores. For regular cleaning we recommend neutral detergent (e.g. FILA Cleaner). Do not use abrasive cleaning devices (e.g. scrubbing sponge, steel-sponge). Do not use cleaning agents that contain wax or are re-fatting. Do not use soft soaps either. These cleaning agents may form a layer that bind the dirt and lead to an unpleasant look of the floor after a short time. When the tiles are very dirty or the surface features a fine structure, use a alkaline cleaning agent and mop with clear water afterwards.

      We hope you enjoy your new floor!

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