Vintage Garden furniture

Old English garden benches and graceful French garden chairs and tables made of patinated iron

Iron garden chairs and garden benches - very vintage

Discover our selection of nostalgic garden furniture that will give your outdoor area a retro flair. From French garden benches to English park benches, our high-quality pieces will accentuate any garden.

French garden furniture from the ARRAS series will transport you to the atmosphere of the late 19th century. The nostalgically shaped iron garden benches are authentic reproductions that can also be found in many French parks. Made from half-round bars and real rivets, they exude a special charm.

Our English park bench STEVENAGE series features robust armchairs and benches that are more reminiscent of elegant park benches. Made from flat iron and with a grey-green patina, they blend seamlessly into the green surroundings. The British understatement is reflected in their simple elegance, while they nevertheless exude a stately presence.