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Antique brass door handles for historic rim locks

For stylish refurbishment in old buildings - recast according to original models

Brass Door Handles for Rim Locks

Pairs of lever handles in the historicism style - specially moulded for old interior doors with attached rim locks

Backplates and Escutcheons for Rim Locks

Iron entry plates and guide rosette for rim locks

Door handles for Rim Locks - for a stylish renovation

The Rim Lock is a surface-mounted lock that was widely used around the turn of the century during the Historicism period. Today, however, mortise locks with the lock mechanism embedded in the door leaf are more common. An elegant solution.

Rim Locks have the advantage that they only require two holes to be drilled in the door (for the key and for the lever handle). They are easy to install and can also be fitted to doors that are too thin to allow the installation of a mortise lock. They are still popular today for simple, functional doors such as cellar doors, attic doors or gazebos.

Rim Locks are often still present in listed buildings and in the stylish renovation of historic buildings, but the handle is missing or has been unsightly replaced.
We offer stylistically matching brass lever handles - in various shapes and Surfaces, but all in the Historicism style.

Box lock lever handles have a special shape: they have a long lever handle neck that is pushed through the door until it hits the lock case. The counter lever handle has a widened handle shaft to cover the square hole of the Rim Lock. To guide the lever handle on the opposite side of the lock, an additional Escutcheon is required, which is also available in the selected surface finish.

In southern Germany, iron plates are usually inserted flush with the surface on the side facing away from the lock. These are also often painted over with colour for lacquered doors. The guide escutcheon is screwed or riveted on to the backplate.
The backplates are available with handle hole punching - the spacing should then match. And there are the plates without handle hole punching - then you can have the plate adapted to your spacing dimension.