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Square Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Unicoloured tiles in various formats and colours

Unicoloured floor tiles with an intense colour effect!

Unicoloured porcelain stoneware tiles used to be and still are often laid in a checkerboard pattern. It is important to ensure that the tiles are laid diagonally across the room, as only then will the effect be as it should be.
The darker colour is often chosen to even out the edges all around. The edge tiles can then simply be cut to size.

These porcelain stoneware tiles are ceramic tempered - i.e. already sealed and impregnated.
The tempering is inseparably bonded to the ceramic body during the firing process.
The result is an elegant, silky matt sheen with an intense colour effect.

Thanks to the surface coating, the tiles are easy to clean and no special maintenance care is required.