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Retro surface-mounted switches »DUROPLAST«

Classic round surface-mounted switches and sockets made of white duroplast (THPG)

The traditional rotary switch - not black, but white

When renovating old buildings, there are always building situations, e.g. with exposed framework or brick walls, where flush-mounted electrical installations are not possible or where surface-mounted switches are to be used for the sake of the most authentic restoration possible.

With a surface-mounted installation, cables and wires, switches, sockets and Junction boxes are laid directly on the wall so that they are visible. Simple installation, easy inspection and quick expansion offer an undeniable advantage over a flush-mounted installation. Surface mounting also saves the need to slit and chisel open the wall. Today, surface-mounted switches are also being used again as a design feature in living areas, e.g. in spacious lofts.

Like Bakelite, white Duroplast has long been used for the production of switch material due to its properties. The material is therefore just as authentic as the round shape.

Although the shape of the switches and sockets is in no way inferior to the old originals, they have a modern interior that complies with today's standards and safety regulations (VDE-certified).