Historically contemporary!

Old forms restaged

Retro light switches »DUROPLAST GLASS«

Switches and sockets made of white thermoset with glass covers (THPG)

Thermoset Sockets

Schuko socket with and without shutter, socket for Switzerland and for French electrical system

Thermoset Rotary Switch/Rotary Pushbutton

Two-way-switch, intermediate switch, multi-circuit switch and blind switch - with and without central insert

Thermoset Rocker Switch

Two-way-switch, intermediate switch, multi-circuit switch, control switch with light-emitting diode

Thermoset Rocker Pushbutton

for push-button circuit in connection with a relay

Thermoset Dimmer

Rotary dimmers - pressure changeover switching - as universal dimmers and as specific dimmers

Thermoset Junction Boxes

Telephone jacks, aerial sockets, network sockets, USB charge stations, thermostats, loudspeaker sockets

Glass Covering

Glass frames for central inserts, full-surface glass frames for individual rotary switches

Transparent elegance

Light switches with glass covers have been around since the 1930s, and now they're back! The transparent glass frames make the switch almost disappear. The light switch thus becomes part of the wall design in a discreetly elegant way.

The switches, sockets and junction boxes from the Thermoset Junction Boxes series are simply combined with glass cover frames to give them a whole new look. This is because the covers are made of a brilliant special glass with a high degree of transparency. They are bevelled and polished at the edges. On wallpapered walls, the switches are thus shown off with discreet elegance.

The Rotary switch without a centre plate is particularly understated and therefore all the more eye-catching: Only the rotary knob itself on the glass plate is visible, the electrics disappear completely behind the wall panelling.

The glass covers are supplied with templates made of white cardboard, which can be inserted directly underneath the glass covers for an exact fit. The cardboard covers can be covered with Wallpapers or painted in the desired wall colour. After possible removal of the switches (e.g. for technical testing), they ensure that the original uniform appearance with the wall is maintained.

The switches and sockets can be combined with the multiple covers as desired. Special cover frames are provided for individual installation of the Dimmers and for aerial, telephone and data outlets. Round system covers are available for multiple combinations, which can be arranged in any number of rows.

Although the switches and sockets are in no way inferior in shape to the old originals, they have a modern interior that complies with current standards and safety regulations (VDE-certified).