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Retro light switches »BAKELIT«

Rotary switches, rocker switches and sockets made of black Bakelite (THPG)

Bakelite-Sockets for Flush Mounting

Schuko socket with and without shutter, socket for Switzerland and for French electrical system

Bakelite-Rotary Switches for Flush Mounting

Two-way-switch, intermediate switch, multi-circuit switch and blind switch

Bakelite-Rocker Switches for Flush Mounting

Two-way-switch, intermediate switch, multi-circuit switch, control switch with LED

Bakelite Rocker Switch With and Without Symbol for Flush Mounting

for push-button circuit in connection with a relay

Bakelite-Dimmer for Flush Mounting

Rotary dimmers as universal dimmers and as specific dimmers

Bakelite Junction Boxes for Flush Mounting

Telephone jacks, aerial sockets, network sockets, USB charge stations, thermostats, loudspeaker sockets

Bakelite-Covering for Switches, Sockets and Junction Boxes

Single cover frames, multiple frames, system cover frames

Light switches made of black Bakelite - timelessly beautiful

Bakelite - the first thermosetting plastic with its very own aesthetics and appearance. Bakelite switches are switches that you may remember from earlier times. And yet: timelessly beautiful. They are a daily delight with their typical clacking switching sound.
The light switches with their soft shapes also serve as a stylish design object for the wall. Whether Rotary switches or Rocker switches - this is ultimately a question of personal preference.

The inserts of this switch system naturally fit all commercially available standardised flush-mounted boxes. The covers comply with the standard spacing of 71 mm and can be used with existing installations without any problems.

The switches and sockets can be combined with the multiple covers as desired. Special cover frames are provided for individual installation of the Dimmers and for aerial, telephone and data outlets. The cover frames are available as single frames in round or square form. For multiple combinations, the round system covers are available, which can be arranged in any number of rows.

Although the shape of the switches and sockets is in no way inferior to the old originals, they have a modern interior that complies with current standards and safety regulations (VDE-certified).