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Spiral stair cast-iron DESIGN 2000

price for height between floors of 2850 mmwithout spindle, with railingdiameter: 1660 mmrise: 191,5 mm

price for height between floors of 2850 mm
without spindle, with railing
diameter: 1660 mm
rise: 191,5 mm

Ref.-No 102504

former 813.0003  8130003

Price: € 12790,00

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      Scale drawing of: price for height between floors of 2850 mmwithout spindle, with railingdiameter: 1660 mmrise: 191,5 mm
    • General product information

      With spiral staircases the rise to the next floor can be designed extremely space-saving. But with spiral staircases usually the striking effect and characteristic design is in the foreground, rather than the practical benefit.

      This model is a delicate redesign of the engineer architect Richard J.Dietrich who became famous for its bridge structures. This model is distinguished by its clear and yet graceful design language. Form follows function and acts like the branches of a tree, such as an organic skeleton.

      The material cast-iron - spheroidal cast iron

      Cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy with a high carbon content, which distinguishes this material from steel. The term "cast iron" is derived from the casting as a method of shaping from; cast iron parts are manufactured in a foundry. This staircase is made of the material spheroidal cast iron. Spheroidal cast iron or nodular cast iron or ductile iron (GGG / GJS) is a special group of materials within the cast iron alloys, in which the graphite phase has the form of balls in the basic structure. Spheroidal cast iron has steel-like properties resulting from a special metallurgical treatment.

      Manufacturing process

      The staircase components are produced in Germany by a foundry of a machine factory according to the traditional and technically advanced methods of the lost sand casting. The original model of the elements is molded in highly compacted sand. The molten iron is poured into the sand mold at 1500 ° C. After curing of the liquid iron, the sand mold is destroyed and the casting emerged. Thus, the sand mold is lost and must be re-established for each cast. After shelling out the casting, the element is cleaned by sandblasting and carefully retouched by hand.

      Surface finishes

      Due to the the casting process the workpieces show a characteristic fine sparkling surface, which is retained even after the subsequent coating. As default colour a grey paint with metallic effect is used because it corresponds to the natural appearance of the material.

      We offer other color finishes in RAL colors, as well as an additional galvanizing, on request.

      Specific product information

      Stair contruction

      The four basic elements of the stairs constitute a complete step-set. In conjunction with a spindle column the stairs can be assembled clockwise or counterclockwise in almost any height.

      A step-set consists of

      • step (24°)
      • riser
      • contact angle
      • baluster with threaded bolt and bolted knob
      The spindle tube made of steel, to which the component elements are mounted, must be obtained through your locksmith or metalworker on site.

      Special items that can be ordered in addition:

      • Tubes and covering caps to clad the spindle column
      • 2- or. 3-times wider step as an upper outlet pedestal or curtail step for floor leveling (48° or 72°)
      • Stainless steel handrail coiled (for steps)
      • Stainles steel handrail straight or bent (to exit platform and gallery)
      • Additional balusters for gallery handrail and steps Ø 6 mm
      • Intermediate rings for height adjustment 2,5 mm

      Solutions for outlet podium and curtail step design and leveling of height differences

      Despite standardized stairs building highly customized solutions can arise on the curtail step due to the structural conditions.

      * Triple curtail step: To compensate for differences in height between a given storey height and possible step height (number of steps x step height) a different step height, double or triple curtail step, may be used at the beginning; this forms a kind of podium. Example: given storey height: 295 cm, possible number of steps: 15 x 19,00 cm = 285 cm => remaining difference: 10,00 cm. In this case, a double or triple curtail step would be provided with a height of 10.00 cm.

      * Balancing rings: Reduced height differences can be compansated with intermediate rings (h = 2.5 mm) that are placed underneath the steps.

      * Two or three times the outlet level: As a standardized outlet element we offer a twofold or threefold outlet level, which is used as the highest stage element. It forms a small platform area (48 ° or 72 °), and the storey can be accessed at the same level.

      * On-site transitional design: A transitional construction of steel sheet to be drawn up on site combines the triple outlet level with the straight or round ceiling edge of the stairwell or gallery. Individual pedestal solutions without using the two- or threefold exit stage are also possible, however, these solutions have to be developed on site with your locksmith.

    • Packaging, delivery, lead time

      Scope of delivery

      Complete sets as a kit. The steel pipe to which the partial elements are fitted, is not part of the delivery (can be purchased from your local locksmith on site)

      Special items (see above), which were ordered in addition. Other adapters and connectors needed for the individual installation situation are not supplied and must be supplied by your locksmith.

      Delivery time

      The staircases are custom-made. Lead time: approx. 10 weeks after clarificaton of all order-related details.

      Packaging and delivery

      Delivery will be made as a kit by a forwarding agnency to your construction site (the poss. ordered handrail is delivered in sub-segments). The shipping costs will be calculated individually. Please send us an enquiry!

    • Instructions for mounting and care


      The staircase assembly is similar to a Meccano building set. For the assembly of the stairs as well as for the supply and customization of components on the construction site and the realisation of on site connection details, the cooperation with a local locksmith / metal worker is required.

      The four basic elements of the stairs constitute a complete step-set. In conjunction with the spindle column that is supplied on site, the staircase is built with the running direction to the right (clockwise) or to the left (counterclockwise).

      The first step of the mounting process is to place the spindle column supplied by your locksmith on the floor. The spindle column is a commercial steel pipe (Ø 88.9 mm) with welded base plate, which ranges over the entire height of the stairs, if necessary plus handrail height (cladding tubes). Treads and risers are pushed from above onto the spindle column, then the contact angle is inserted to stiffen, the threaded rod of the handrail rod is inserted and screwed from the bottom with the handrail rod cap. Step by step the staircase grows upward. Then, the stainless steel handrail is placed on the balusters and screwed in the threaded holes provided on the balusters. The handrail is delivered in pre-drilled subsegments (about 5 slopes) with plug-in connections. Alternatively, you can obtain a handrail according to your wishes from your locksmith. For fall protection of the stairwell or gallery additional balusters are available with the same design. The bar spacing of steps, stairwell- or gallery handrail can be made shorter using simple, round rods (Ø 6 mm) painted in the shade of the staircase (additional balusters).

      Notes on construction law

      The distance between the balusters is systemic and does not meet the building code in certain cases, where max. 12 cm clearance are required. To satisfy this requirementls on gallery handrails and staircase hole, additional balusters must be installed. The buyer is responsibility for compliance / non-compliance with building regulations.

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