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Lincrusta-Wallcovering Tapestry

length 10000 mmwidth 610 mmstraight match 597 mmpackaging unit = 1 roll = 10 rm

length 10000 mm
width 610 mm
straight match 597 mm

packaging unit = 1 roll = 10 rm

Ref.-No 119837

former 761.1001.072 7611001

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    • General product information

      LINCRUSTA, also spelled Linkrusta, was first conceived by the English chemist Frederick Walton. He was also the inventor of the floor covering linoleum. The name LINCRUSTA consists of the two Latin words “linux” for linen, and “crusta” for hard shell. LINCRUSTA mainly consists of the natural materials linseed oil, pine resin, and precipitate chalk. The mass is heated, applied to hard paper as a base layer and profiled with patterned cylinders. The flexible and robust material was mainly used as wall covering in luxuriously outfitted private and public rooms as well as in luxury train wagons. LINCRUSTA’s main characteristic is the wall covering’s deeply embossed texture. Through its distinct three-dimensional effect, Lincrusta lends each room an individual, exclusive touch.

    • Packaging, delivery, lead time

      Delivery time

      LINCRUSTA consists of natural materials and therefore can only be stored for a limited amount of time. Production is always order-related. Delivery time is ca. 3-4 weeks.

      Return policy

      Production of LINCRUSTA wall coverings is always order-related. Therefore ordered goods can not be returned.

      Packaging and delivery

      We ship with DPD as insured package, shipping costs in Germany amount to 12,80 ¤ (+ i.a. additional island shipping fee). For shipping to EU and non-EU countries please inquire with our team. We ship with DPD as insured oversize package, delivery costs Germany 12,80 € (+ possibly island surcharge), EU countries and non EU-countries: shipping costs on request.


      Please note that the material can only be stored for a limited amount of time and should be installed in max. 10 months. LINCRUSTA should be stored at room temperature, in a clean and dry environment!

    • Instructions for mounting and care

      Notes on handling

      LINCRUSTA requires careful handling to avoid damage to the surface. After soaking and covering the sheets with glue, LINCRUSTA becomes more flexible.

      Surface preparation

      Thorough preparation of the wall surface is indispensable: Old wall coverings and glue paint need to be removed, the walls washed down, any irregularities in the surface filled out and dried. Before applying glue, sand down the wall. Paint with a base coat all strongly absorbing surfaces (product recommendation: Henkel Dextra TU Tapetengrund). The surface has to be clean, dry, even and resistant to deformation as well as free of cracks or any residues which could minimize adhesion.

      Optional usage of lining paper

      To ensure better adhesion on strongly absorbing surfaces (e.g. dispersion paint), we recommend the usage of lining paper. Horizontally glue lining paper with special glue (product recommendation: Henkel Metylan + 20% Henkel Ovalit at ratio 1:20). Before lining the wall with LINCRUSTA, ensure that the lining paper has thoroughly dried.

      Tools needed

      • knife (sharp)
      • rubber roll
      • sponge
      • measuring tape
      • synthetic paint brush or roller
      • level
      • wallpaper ruler
      • cutting board

      Cutting LINCRUSTA wall paper

      To limit waste, define beginning and end points in the room.

      Where necessary, consider the alignment of patterns. When cutting sheets add 5 cm each at the top and bottom.

      Cut protective strips in a straight line using a knife and wall paper ruler. Hold the knife at a slight angle, using only little pressure. Ensure that you do not damage the edges. For recommended cutting measurements for the different designs please refer to the table on the left.

      Cutting LINCRUSTA friezes

      Cut the needed sheets so that the center of the pattern is located in the center of the main wall. Work from the center towards the corners of the room and finish in the most inconspicuous corner, as an offset in repeating patterns sometimes cannot be avoided.

      When working with a wall length of more than 2m the frieze can be cut into shorter pieces. For longer walls, working with 2 persons is recommended.

      Cut protective strips in a straight line using a knife and wall paper ruler. Hold the knife at a slight angle, using only little pressure. Ensure that you do not damage the edges. For recommended cutting measurements for the different designs please refer to the table on the left.

      Cutting LINCRUSTA panels

      Cut single panels from the roll and remove protective strips with knife and wall paper ruler. For recommended cutting measurements please refer to the table on the left. PDF laden

      Soaking and applying glue

      Moisten the back of the wall paper with a sponge and let it soak for 30 minutes. While soaking the sheets, lay them back to back. Soaking enables the wall paper to expand and prepares it for the application of the glue.

      After soaking remove excessive water with a towel. In this phase the material is especially elastic. It is therefore recommended to cut all needed openings (e.g. for switches) at this time.

      With a notched trowel – for smooth surfaces B1, for rough surfaces B2 – apply an even layer of wall paper glue to the back (product recommendation: Henkel Ovalit S).

      Applying the wall covering

      Plumb-vertically align the paper sheets and apply to the wall. Carefully remove air bubbles with a rubber roll, working outward from the center.

      Remove excessive glue with a sponge.

      Drying time is minimum 24 hours at room temperature. You should definitely let the wall coverings dry for this amount of time before applying any further surface coating!

      Cutting connecting pieces and corners

      Connecting pieces and pattern repeats

      For a clean lower border mark the wall covering at the upper rim of the base board. Holding a cutting board between wall covering and wall, cut along the marking with a sharp knife and a wall paper ruler. Repeat for the upper border.

      Inner corners

      Cut into corner fold. Align cut excess paper on joining wall and cut flush with the corner. Cut reliefs in corners at an angle of 45°.

      Outer corners

      It is no problem to work LINCRUSTA around softly rounded edges. For sharp angles, LINCRUSTA should be cut flush with the edge. Align cut excess paper on joining wall in a plumb-vertical line after marking along the wall the breadth of the excess paper at its narrowest point. Repair holes (product recommendation: Henkel SISTA M530). Corner profiles have also proven to be helpful (e.g. from manufacturers DLW and Hobus). Apply these with SISTA M530.

      Pre-treatment for painting

      One of the main components of LINCRUSTA is linseed oil. To avoid paint peeling off after a short time it is recommended to thoroughly degrease the wall covering or to work with a primer. Degreasing can be achieved through thorough abrasion with petroleum spirit or with a turpentine substitute. Clean off with a fiber-free cloth and let dry over night. ATTENTION – Security information: Risk of inflammation when using solvents! All soaked and used cloths should be dried lying out flat to avoid spontaneous combustion. When using petroleum spirit, protective glasses and gloves are recommended.

      When using the recommended products from Sikkens degreasing is not necessary!

      General information on painting and coating

      LINCRUSTA can be painted with colors on oil basis as well as on water basis, using a roll or a paint brush.

      Apply first a base coat on oil basis or an acrylic paint on water basis. Follow with two layers of half matte or gloss finish or emulsion paint. Apply a further layer to achieve better decorative effects. To protect the color add a protective finish.

      Product recommendations for coating

      Priming coat - Due to the linseed components of LINCRUSTA, we recommend the solvent-containing primer on alkyd resin basis SIKKENS Rubol Grund Plus. For a water based system, use SIKKENS Rubol BL Multiprimer. When using the latter, please note that the mechanical resilience is lower.

      Second coating and final coating – solvent-containing option:

      • Sikkens Rubbol Satura plus
      • Sikkens Rubbol Azura plus
      Second coating and final coating – water-thinnable option:
      • Sikkens Rubbol BL Magura
      • Sikkens Rubbol BL Satura
      • Sikkens Rubbol BL Azura

      We recommend that LINCRUSTA be handled by qualified specialists only. We assume no liability for damages resulting from improper handling and use.

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