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Back-up toilet paper holder

cast-ironblack enamelled

black enamelled

Ref.-No 100359-001

former 411.0012.00S 4110012

Price: € 42,00

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    • General product information

      These enamel bathroom accessories are characterised by their particularly pleasing and soft design. They are of heavy quality, as they are made of cast iron and are coated with a thick layer of enamel. This procedure gives them their smooth, yet irregular and slightly wavy surface structure.

      Specific product information


      Enamel is a unique composite of metal and burned in glass. The enamelled surface is as hard as glass and very durable. In baking at 800 degrees Celsius an adherent composite is produced. There is no formation of rust ever. And what distinguishes the enamel surfaces from an aesthetic perspective: enamel has a high colour brilliance and colour fastness, i.e. white remains white and does not turn yellow, black is a shiny jet black and has a particularly brilliant depth effect.

      Specific product characteristics

      The cast-iron enamelled bathroom accessories are made in Germany and are actually still manufactured in manual labor. Each piece is unique and can be slightly different from the other: Since the enamel is applied by hand, it may flow with different thicknesses over the raw castings during the manufacturing process and slight deviations may occur. On the back and the holes (in the mounted state not visible) slight traces from the pick-up tool and irregularities may occur. In any case a corrosion protection is given. Occasionally tiny little black dots can be discovered in the enamel. These belong to the typical appearance of enamelled goods and are characteristic signs of the hand-made production process.

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    • Instructions for mounting and care


      The article comes with transparent shims. We highly recommend using these during assembly. Put these on the drill holes during mounting so that the screw head has no direct contact with the enamel. Otherwise it could easily lead to chipping of the enamel surface. When tightening the screws, it is advisable to make the final turns by hand.


      The glass smooth enamel surface has antistatic properties and a self-cleaning effect. Special care is not needed - the occasional cleaning should be carried out with a damp cloth.

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